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Deer & Tick Management
Green Path Landcare Landscape Maintenance
Protect your plants from deer browse. Our highly-effective, natural repellents work by taste and smell to discourage deer from feeding on your landscape plants. Repellents are generally applied monthly and have a pleasant, minty smell. Protect sensitive flowers and shrubs during the summer and evergreens during the winter.We also can install deer netting during the winter for particularly sensitive plants, such as arborvitae and yew.  Our compan can also provide a wide range of fencing solutions including whole property deer fencing.
In our area ticks can present a health hazard as vectors of lyme and other human/pet diseases. An integrated tick management program can help protect people and pets through a combination of habitat modification and host-targeted control. We use Damminix Tubes placed in habitat areas around the property to treat ticks that are carried around by rodents. We can also analyze your property for areas that are conducive to tick habitat and can make suggestions for changes that can help reduce tick populations in your landscape.
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Deer Damage Control

Tick Management

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